Dl aftershock by smilehkitteh-d8x86md

Name: Aftershock
Species: Keh'kitteh
Faction: Windchill
Rank: Cell

Aftershock is not exactly the kindest Keh'kitteh. He has a habit of being a pain in the tail and making awful suggestions to the rather gullible. Still, he's not the worst Keh'kitteh to ever exist. He does find it rather fun and amusing to laugh at the misfortune of others--especially when it's caused by himself, but it should be noted, while he is a pain he has no intent to harm anyone in a way that would cause permanent physical damage. Aftershock is actually a cousin to Cry. They have vague resemblances and Aftershock forever wants Cry to join him on his escapades of trouble making. Aftershock will totally cover for Cry if need be, but Cry has never tried to get very close to his cousin for fear it'll do more harm than good. Aftershock still speaks as if they're super good pals though.