Dl agent cry by smilehkitteh-d8x87c8

Name: Agent Cry
Species: Keh'kitteh
Faction: Windchill
Rank: Officer

Agent Cry, or simply, Cry, is a demoted officer. His whole life has always been a little odd by all standards. He got kicked out of training early and shipped off to help in a multi faction intergalatic crew in hopes it would knock some sense into him. It did, but not without struggles. Cry has a hard time dealing with authority, or more precisely, obeying it. He has a tendency to do what seems most logical instead. That conclusion got him in a whole heap of trouble when he went against orders for commanding the crew and had them use a different plan of attack. The results turned out good, but had it been bad, the officials they were protecting would have ended up dead. So although he saved his own crew, by not taking them on a suicide mission, the risks were great and his commanding officer flipped out. Especially with all the flack he got from higher ups. He issued a dishonorable demotion, which the higher ups said he did not deserve thus it is only in partial effect with a close watch. His actions in the future will decide whether it gets lifted or finalized. The rest of the crew sees him as a hero however, since he saved their lives. Now he works under a new officer, namely Mission who he sort of got off on a rough start with. Things have been improving though.

By personality Cry is a highly emotional individual, perhaps even emotionally unstable is a better term for it. He is incredibly tense and flighty as many Windchill Keh'kitteh are. In addition to that he can bounce from one emotion to its polar opposite at the flip of a coin. This leaves those working with him rather confused. Cry is a bit of a fun loving guy and can be a tad reckless at times. He loves to play jokes and pranks on the others and takes on something to the effect of "class clown" amongst the crew. He's incredibly animated and apparently very amusing to watch. He's very easy to bring to tears and even easier to upset, but all in all he's a good Keh'kitteh, just a little intense. His loyalty is unrivaled