Dl blood thistle by smilehkitteh-d8sgejy

Name: Blood Thistle
Species: Keh'kitteh
Faction: Whisperpool
Rank: Medic/Executioner

Whisperpool was a bit low on personnel, thus Blood Thistle ended up with a dual role that many would find as a bit of a terrifying combination. Although typically working as a medic, this Keh'kitteh is also an Executioner. His name, Blood Thistle, comes from the fact his eyes are blood red, and his personality is a bit prickly, like a thistle. Blood Thistle is not afraid to speak his mind, at the cost of others or not, all the same, he's got your back for ya and he has no issue with kicking some Keh'kitteh tail if it'll help his Faction. But if you brought it on yourself? Well then you got what you deserved. Blood Thistle kind of scares the other Keh'kitteh medics, although his two apprentices don't seem intimidated by him in the least.