Dl briar by smilehkitteh-d8k8rdd

Name: Briar

Species: Keh’kitteh

Faction: Whisperpool

Appearance: Looks very similar to an Abyssinian with rich brown fur. A single stripe of dark brown/black stretches from forehead clear down to the tip of his tail where it finally turns into a dark tip. Lighter markings form around his eyes and mouth.

Personality: Friendly, attentive, energetic. Generally considered to be a “nice guy”. He doesn’t usually think of things in the larger picture. He’s very much in the here and now. Always happy to help those in need, but has a tendency to disregard rules in favor of what he deems as the “right” answer to the situation.

Background: A pretty average Keh’kitteh from the Whisperpool faction. He’s kind of everyone’s friend. The one that’s hard not to get along with and just kind of tags along with whoever. Also tends to be “that one guy” who will unintentionally mess everything up—and also be oblivious to the joke everyone else finds hilarious. That won’t stop him from laughing along with everyone though. A very easily contented Keh’kitteh, he just wants to hang out with his friends and have a good time. He’s a little clumsy when it comes to fighting and has been known to on more than one occasion, cross borders into another Faction’s land completely by accident. Still it tends to be met with hostility from both sides. He’s fairly oblivious to the dangers involved in friendships that cross borders and doesn’t see why they can’t just all be friends.