Circuit eel by smilehkitteh-d8dkyl3

Name: Circuit Eel
Species: Qwuekajevv
Rank: Lieutenant General

Circuit Eel is a sly, highly intelligent General. It is incredibly fast and agile. Very few can even land a blow in hand to hand combat. Circuit Eel is merciless and cruel. Begging is usually met with sneering and total disregard. Of course, to its own people, it is perfectly kind, but does still have the reputation of being fierce and calloused towards emotional needs. Circuit Eel has a reputation. A reputation amongst the Qwuedeviv, Qwujakuhl and its own species. Circuit Eel is considered to be the most brutal of the Generals and has a hatred that goes much deeper than any the others possess. However it's undeniable skill has still landed it a place amongst the Generals. Smolder and the others do occasionally have to pay it a visit when things get too out of hand though.