Dl death wish by smilehkitteh-d8vgec5

Name: Death Wish
Species: Keh'kitteh
Faction: Shadowsky
Gender: Male
Rank: Cell

Death Wish, is something of a devious little thing. Cynical in nature, Death Wish more often than not, just causes for the sake of seeing the reactions. He has no real reason or agenda is messing things up for everyone, he simply does it for his own amusement. Death Wish has a reputation for spreading a mix of rumors and truths to all the wrong Keh'kitteh. A rather conniving creature, Death Wish is really not one to be trusted as only some percent of what he says is ever true. But what to believe and what not to believe? That's the question, and Death Wish finds it to be a most amusing mind game to keep people guessing about it. Death Wish has a sibling in another named Haunting Silence.