Dl endless breeze by smilehkitteh-d8i399e

Name: Endless Breeze (Breeze)

Species: Keh’kitteh

Faction: Shadowsky

Personality: A hard working Keh’kitteh. The Keh’kitteh is usually sincere about what she says although on occasion has been known to forget what was said. She does struggle with emotions now and again—becoming distracted by them and losing focus. She is a bit of a worrier and tends to overthink things, fretting about the million possible ways things could play out. At her best, she is calm, and loyal, at her worst she’s reduced to a useless bundle of fear and distraction. She prefers to be a peacekeeper if it’s at all possible thus she morphs her personality to meet the needs of those around her. This Keh’kitteh is incredibly sure footed and very fit.

Background: Breeze is what they consider to be a Crossfaction Keh’kitteh. Her birth faction was Fallen Faction, however she could not cope with their constant code breaking, thus she moved to a new home, where she could only hope things would be better. She has worked hard to prove her loyalty and value to the other Keh’kittehs although sometimes she still doubts herself.