Dl flipside by smilehkitteh-d8u621m

Name: Flipside
Species: Keh'kitteh
Gender: Male
Faction: Diamondclaw

Flipside is quick to anger, and even quicker to fight. He tends to blow up at others within the Faction without any warning. His tail fur is almost always fluffed out. A day hardly passes when he hasn't gotten upset at someone or something. He has a brother named Squiggle--Officer Squiggle. This is in fact his older brother, who happens to be smaller than him. Flipside loves to wrestle with his brother in relatively good fun. Flipside usually wins by pinning his brother to the ground and insisting on some terms of surrender--whether it be sharing dinner, some dare or any number of other things. Despite his disposition he's a loyal cell of Diamondclaw who would sacrifice his life to defend them--he'd also claw their ears off for being dumb though too.