Dl more gift art fritz by smilehkitteh-d8li891

Name: Fritz

Species: Keh'kitteh

Appearance: Mostly white fur around its whole body, with the exception of a little tan spot around his right eye, and a red dash of fur on the back of each of its ears. It's height is roughly 5'10 and is fairly skinny. It wears standard medical clothing...all day...even when it doesn't have to work, or even when it's sleeping, it's in its medical clothes. Does it ever wash them? That's a mystery to everyone.

Personality: Fritz is very serious about its job, and does everything very straightforward and by-the-book. Any experimentation with new medical procedures drives Fritz insane, but it doesn't like to show it. Instead, it becomes incredibly passive-aggressive with the rest of its peers. Fritz has a pretty short fuse, especially when it's apprentice is screwing around instead of paying attention to either what it's saying, or medical procedures it's doing. If given the chance, Fritz will take over for any doctor during a medical prosedure, even mid-operation. While Fritz takes its job seriously, nobody can really seem to say that it "enjoys" working in the medical field, however. Also, friends seem to be very hard to come by for Fritz, but it really doesn't seem to care much for acquaintances.

Background: Fritz's fate was pretty much set from the minute it was put into the world. It was to attend military schooling at a young age and learn basic medical skills, go on to graduate and further expand its knowledge of the medical field, and then become a military medic and tend to sick and/or wounded soldiers. Fritz doesn't really have any other noticeable skills in any other field other than the medical field since...well....the medical field is all it knows. Nothing else is really known about Fritz other than what's on its record, and that it's an incredible doctor.

Faction: Windchill