Qdv jolt riptide by smilehkitteh-d8yehsl

Name: Jolt Riptide
Species: Qwuekajevv

Riptide is Circuit Eel's other most trusted commander. They also look rather similiar in a lot of ways. Riptide is just a mini version! Riptide, unlike O, is not nice at all. Riptide is aggressive and confrontational much like Circuit Eel. Riptide will gladly tear apart whatever Circuit Eel points at. Like most of Circuit Eel's brigade, Riptide is fast. You can assume that Riptide will report everything it sees or hears back to Circuit regardless to how bad it could be for the others or how easily it could over look the things if it had a bit of mercy. Riptides loves any chance they have to tear at some Qwuedeviv.