The following policy has total control over everything that goes on, including votes, nominations, editing, and even promotions. If a user is fired/terminated or has a long blocking history, admins could stop the user from doing certain things such as nominations or being promoted due to not following the policy. Admins can also decide for a user not to be promoted if they are not trustworthy.

Rules Edit

  • Do not make articles that are not related to Qwuedeviv.
  • No false langauge in Qwuedeviv Wiki.
  • Respect other users in the Wiki (especially in the chatroom).
  • No spamming in the chatroom.
  • No badge-farming.
  • No deleting info from articles.
  • Do not post offensive comments on other message walls.
  • No lying about being staff.
  • If you are an user with powers and breaks the rules, you will lose your power
and will also get FIRED/TERMINATED.

Chat Rules Edit

  • Do not spam links or come to chat to advertise another website or company, or post any innapropriate links of racism, nudity, drugs, etc.
  • You are allowed to talk about things that are not related and related to Qwuedeviv.
  • Do not roleplay in main chat; it clogs it up. If you want to roleplay, do it with only one person in private messages.
  • If a topic you are talking about makes someone else uncomfortable in any way, please do not continue with it.
  • Try and stick with the general topic going on at one time. If there's a specific topic you want to bring up, try it out in private messages.
  • Do not send links to other chat rooms, as they can lead to inappropriate instances with our chat members. Likewise, do not advertise this chat on other chatboards.

Breaking the rules counts as violating.

Rule-Breaking Results Edit

  • 1 Broken rule = Warning!
  • 2 Broken rules = 1 week termination
  • 3 Broken rules = 1 month termination
  • 4 Broken rules = 6 month termination
  • 5 Broken rules = 1 year termination
  • 6+ Broken rules = Infinite termination