Dl shatter ice by smilehkitteh-d8l8gz2

Name: Shatter Ice (Ice)
Species: Keh’kitteh

Gender: Male
Appearance: Gray belly, arms and legs. Has a mostly white back and white tail. The white goes around on the sides and shoulders similar to a husky’s markings. He also has a white-stripe across his belly and then a bit higher up. His face is mostly white with a couple light gray stripes. Eyes are blue. Both his hands and paws have sock-like markings of darker gray. His feet paws are tipped by white. Small flecks of light blue can be found throughout his tail fur.

Faction: Windchill
Rank: Medic Apprentice

Personality: Ice tends to think ways that have been around for a while are old and outdated. Out with the old, in with the new. He has little regard for ‘classics’ and sees those who do as stuck in the past. He doesn’t set out to be disrespectful and a pain for no good reason, but a lot of the times his constant questioning and very matter of fact tone come across as such. He has a tendency to be a bit spacy and off in his own little world if someone is repeating things he’s already heard or feels he is knowledgeable enough in not to need any guidance. Ice becomes very irritable when he feels he’s not being heard or is underappreciated. Ice also tends to think he knows everything. Ice can be incredibly stubborn and hard headed about wanting to do things his way when other ways could have worked just as easily (if not easier.) He can be difficult to get along with if he feels like it, but he does have a more caring and gentle side that shows up when dealing with patients--or people he feels respect him mutually. He is more apt to 'fight' than to back down from verbal arguments though. Always seems to have to have the last word in matters. He tends to come across as snarky when he replies, especially to Keh’kitteh of other factions whom he simply believes are dumb.

Background: Ice had a pretty perfect upbringing as far as Keh’kitteh are concerned. All his family had respectable ranks amidst the Windchill faction and were considerably popular amongst the other factions as well. Ice has always had a sort of natural talent in dealing with medical based needs and is a fast learner. Although Ice does in fact want to be a good medic, he can’t help but feel he’s held back by having to follow old and outdated concepts and ideas when they could be developing ‘revolutionary’ new means of achieving the same old things.