Dl squiggle by smilehkitteh-d8u62jp

Name: Squiggle
Species: Keh'kitteh
Faction: Diamondclaw
Gender: Male
Rank: Officer

Officer Squiggle is cursed with being rather short...and fluffy, thus he has a really hard time getting anyone to take him serious, both in his own faction and the others. The fact that his younger brother constantly beats up on him really doesn't help his case. He is convinced that the Tsar chose for him to be an officer just so everyone would pick on him. What he lacks in strength and stature he makes up for with his organization and ability to lead...if only the others would listen to him anyway. Fifty percent of the time he just gives up and it's not too uncommon to see him slumped over in defeat as he walks along. Although he's a pretty upbeat Keh'kitteh the lack of positive response from the cells tends to get under his fur and cause him to sulk. He has the largest losing streak to his younger brother out of every Keh'kitteh in the faction.