Dl symptom bloodreaper by smilehkitteh-d8sgirk

Name: Symptom Bloodreaper
Species: Keh'kitteh
Faction: Whisperpool
Gender: Male
Rank: Elite Cell

Symptom, despite being a pink striped kitteh is an incredibly skilled fighter. One who could certainly deal out some impressive damage if he so felt like it. Fortunately, the vast majority of the time, Symptom is rather cool headed, a lot like their squad leader. The two together would probably never get anything done ever if it weren't for the rest of the squad constantly being mad at them. Symptom is the second in command and seems to protect Paradox and some of the others from harm. Although he's usually pretty nice, if you get him irritated he will attack, until the source of irritation has been neutralized. Irritation seems to be the extent of anger, he never really snaps or looks furious, just mildly irritated enough to do something. He's best at fighting and openly proclaims studying and repetitious labor to be utterly boring. He much rather have a duel with someone or hone his fighting skills. He carries around a giant energy blade scythe that if spun fast enough, actually shoots off weird energy shard like projections.